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Mens weight loss drink soup?

Mens weight loss drink soup?
If you still puzzled how to control diet, then you try to drink soup mens weight loss method, with soup
Mens weight loss with best don't have oil, seasonings and don't put much, but also in the mens weight loss of vegetables or fruit, so that when eating soup, have very good diet control effect.
A preserved egg cucumber mens weight loss of soup
1) ingredients: two eggs, a cucumber, salad oil, salt and water.
(2) : preserved egg shell after cutting disc, a cutting disc. Cucumber peeled and cut into thin slices. Heat up a pan and pour into salad oil, add preserved egg, preserved egg to the deep-fried half can, don't go overboard. This is done to keep the shape of the preserved egg cut broken, unapt when boiled soup soup too cloudy. Preserved eggs Fried after adding water to floating foam, after put cucumber, pour and stir-fry briefly. Add water, boil after continue to use small fire boil, after soup slowly into a milky white, can put some sesame oil and salt.
Two persimmon fiber chicken mens weight loss of soup
Insoluble dietary fiber is as high as 37. 75 g, water soluble dietary fiber have 12. 65 g! But persimmon quite rich nutrition, especially rich in beta carotene, vitamin A, C, and potassium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals.
1) material: crisp persimmons 1, 2 only a chicken leg, 6 100 g Chinese wolfberry, red dates, basil, water 1000 cc, with a little salt, rice wine.
(2) : the persimmons washed, cut into flake with a knife, and then with a small knife carving out eyes and mouth, persimmon pumpkin face was finished, the chicken slices, water sichuan hot blood. Will cut persimmon, chicken leg, Chinese wolfberry, red dates and rice wine add to the pan, into the electric pot stew. After being up electric pot, add salt and a little seasoning basil.
Drink the soup with mens weight loss to control appetite is more scientific, more conducive to the health of the body, also the soup nutrition diet can make up for mens weight loss in the lack of nutrition, the mens weight loss diet is more universal.