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Mens weight loss coffee?

Mens weight loss coffee?
Drinking coffee can also mens weight loss? It does. While many people know that the coffee has a refreshing effect, but in addition to mens coffee weight loss effect other mens weight loss results. Here is a look at some coffee mens weight loss of several big steps.
One or two weeks, thin body four steps
1: smell ©¤ ©¤ let yourself immersed in a full-bodied coffee, according to research, the aroma of coffee can make people mood stability, and improve the sensitivity of the senses, a cup of coffee at work can improve work efficiency, more can stimulate mens weight loss.
2: product ©¤ ©¤ for 30 minutes to 1 hour after the meal taste a cup of strong black coffee without sugar, milk, caffeine helps digestion after a meal, promote fat burning; Could have a cup of black coffee while going off work, cooperate to walk. General four cups a day is ideal for mens weight loss, but note: too much will affect health and sleep.
3: sports ©¤ ©¤ for a cup of coffee after a meal, coupled with some simple movements, such as 10 to 15 minutes of fast walking, refused to take the elevator of the stairs to the office, sitting in a chair, reverse the upper part of the step stool, these exercises can help you digest just feeding carlo.
4: massage ©¤ ©¤ with boiled coffee grounds massage can make the skin smooth, can tighten the skin. At the site of the hoarding fat easily, such as the lower abdomen, thighs, the waist with coffee blend liquid slag, the heart massage, can achieve the result that break down fat, bath massage are more effective.
Second, enhanced thin body 4 gist
1: shallow baking is the most effective ©¤ ©¤ the temperature of the roasting coffee beans will affect the amount of caffeine, temperature over 178 ¡ã C, caffeine completely dissolved, so although rich, but very few caffeine content. If you want to mens weight loss, should choose americano with lighter flavors.
2: hot drink better ©¤ ©¤ drink hot coffee body slightly fever, caffeine consumption has prompted the body heat, then compared the effect of iced coffee is not as good as drink good.
3: instant product slightly smaller ©¤ ©¤ is not convenient to make coffee, so we have to use the instant product, but the coffee grounds thin body is instant product can't do it.
4: never add sugar ©¤ ©¤ to was not used to drink black coffee, suggest add a small amount of milk, don't add candy, because sugar can prevent adipose decompose.
1, coffee ingredients ©¤ ©¤ caffeine: decomposable hoarding fat in the body and make it into heat; Tannin: reactive oxygen species can remove fatigue, boost the spirit; Volatile fat: has the effect of eliminating fatigue, master of coffee fragrance ingredient.
2, make massage with coffee liquid ©¤ ©¤ will drink about three or four cups of coffee grounds, a cloth or silk socks wrapped up in filled with hot water wash basin, after being cooled sufficiently to use again.