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Mens weight loss eat an egg?

Mens weight loss eat an egg?
Eating eggs mens weight loss? Practice there are a lot of eggs, then eat eggs mens weight loss is what principle? Eggs with high protein, a man's life is based on hydrated protein, so support protein and vegetables can also be mens weight loss.
So-called eggs mens weight loss, it is successive two weeks eat boiled eggs, grapefruit and small amounts of vegetables of mens weight loss diet. Eat five to nine eggs a day, three times. Every day intake of about 1000 kilocalorie. As a result of this method can make weight drops rapidly, thus deeply.
Eating eggs mens weight loss? The net friend comment on:
"I always worry about eating eggs mens weight loss, high cholesterol and nutritional imbalance, in the magazine, see the egg is a complete food, I decided to try to mens weight loss. The result two weeks lost five kilograms, performance is not bad. But I'm not in the process of implementation of a good student, I often catch a ban on eating beef and snacks. I think if more strictly abide by, the effect should be double! At the same time I have a friend seriously, result is the price of thin wrinkled. Maybe my will is weak, it is suitable for this kind of mens weight loss method."
"I lost 13 kg 2 months. Because of this eat eggs mens weight loss method, can only have to stop for a week. After a period of time become no appetite, but in order to nutrition, to maintain a diet of meat and fish. Because for two weeks only eat eggs, grapefruit, and vegetables, is excited with a smaller stomach, but perhaps because thin too fast, so tired easily.
Eating eggs mens weight loss have a function to suppress appetite, but remember to drink more water. Vegetables are help digestion.