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Mens weight loss to eat fruit?

Mens weight loss to eat fruit?
Many mens weight loss of friends have to eat fruit meal mens weight loss, then eat fruit mens weight loss? Actually light fruit mens weight loss is not science, although that can reduce the intake of calories, but in fact, this increased splanchnic burden, take a look at below experts.
Can eat fruit mens weight loss, but only eat fruit for mens weight loss
Eat fruit mens weight loss? Fruit large, high moisture, easy to have full effect, and the heat density is not high, such as 100 grams of apple for 52 kilocalorie quantity of heat, 48 kilocalorie, peach pomelo kilocalorie, 41 calories, more than 15 grams of rice is most of the volume. As a result, many people choose fruit for mens weight loss food.
But the fruit is just one kind of food, containing a small amount of sugar and vitamins, minerals, etc., and do not contain protein and fat. So, fruit is not at liberty to replace other kinds of food, is not as simple as don't eat staple food, eat fruit mens weight loss; Or don't eat meat, eat fruit mens weight loss. Because, staple food provides the body's main energy material: sugar, meat provides the body essential protein, even can't eat fat, don't just eat fruit for essential fatty acids also can not get from the fruit. Energy, protein, essential fatty acids are necessary to human body health, and the fruit can not provide.
Eat fruit mens weight loss make sense?
How between food collocation is the key. Through the height and weight and mens weight loss goals, calculate their daily calories need usually is lower than the daily intake, within the control of heat include fruits, we should reasonable collocation food, maintain a balanced. And more strict when the control diet, or increased physical strength consumption mens weight loss, hunger, it's easy to have a clear at this point, we should first fruit for full cure hunger, but cannot choose high energy density of food such as cakes, bread and butter, meat, or a lot of nuts and so on. Or eat some fruit before dinner and reduce hungry feeling, to slow down the feeding speed to reduce total eating dinner. When necessary, and even can be fruit in between meals to should be controlled within the scope of the heat down to the best of.
Eat fruit mens weight loss? Not light to eat fruit can mens weight loss, use fruit is can increase satiety, also can reduce the heat, but in order to health and mens weight loss effect, protein intake necessary, so as to better weight control.