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Mens weight loss of the salad?

All say salad high quantity of heat, so what kind of salad is the mens weight loss effect? Is fruit salad mens weight loss effect is good, or vegetables salad mens weight loss more scientific? Here are first take a look at the salad mens weight loss advantage.
The benefits of a salad mens weight loss:
(1) fruit and vegetable nutrition after cooking does not leak, you can absorb higher concentrations of antioxidants, such as vitamins, folic acid, lycopene and beta carrots, etc.
(2) all kinds of vegetables have rich prandial fiber, can help lower cholesterol levels and prevent constipation, and are more likely to feel full, so as to ultimately achieve mens weight loss.
How to eat salad mens weight loss:
(1) dark green vegetables as the foundation, to provide more iron and folate: perhaps you custom made with lettuce salad, lettuce leaves contain rich vitamin, is also very healthy. Want to absorb other foods, however, seldom contain folic acid and iron, that is about to choose dark green vegetables, like broccoli, asparagus. Dark green vegetables will provide more nutrients, including rich vitamin.
(2) high quality protein, to ensure a balanced: choose the deep-sea fish such as tuna, cod, it contains high quality protein comprehensive and balanced nutrition can ensure the salad, without adverse to human body fat at the same time, don't worry about fat. Can also choose lean meats such as chicken.
(3) choose oil, vinegar, control heat: in recent years popular oil vinegar to salad dressings, is made up of olive oil and black vinegar, sauce is very healthy and low calorie.
(4) nuts and cheese, increase satiety, plus for health: join the walnut, almond nuts in the salad, rich taste, not only because of polyunsaturated fat is contained in nut can effectively protect the heart, at the same time easy to make people have satiety, thus effectively control weight.
(5) cheese also get enough calcium for human body.
Mens weight loss error:
1) should try not to add thousand island dressing, because of the high of the thousand island dressing heat will offset the vegetable salad low quantity of heat.
(2) red fruits and vegetables stomachic, toning and seasonings: Onions, apples, carrots,... These red series of fruits and vegetables can let a person from the visual to appetite all, but will make a salad more delicious.
(3) because the fat content of nuts is higher, the more is not recommended.
Salad mens weight loss is a scientific, salad is not the legendary mens weight loss killer, as long as good, love to eat salad of mens weight loss, also don't have to avoid salad vegetables nutrition is rich, and low fat, believe whatever the mens weight loss diet modulate salad would be very welcome.