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Mens weight loss with seven days thin body soup

A lot of friends like with dieting mens weight loss method, some friends also like what all don't eat dinner, at the start of the very hungry, of course, but you know? Actually hungry when can drink a bowl of magic slimming soup, this soup is said to be more drink more thin, we can help you, and you sweep hunger. Below let me introduce this healthy mens weight loss diet.
Thin body healthy mens weight loss diet 7 mens weight loss nutritious soup. It contains a large number of fiber, vitamins, can effectively reduce the cholesterol, decompose adipose, clear gastrointestinal, lift the body endotoxin. This soup should be drinking more than ten times a day, each time more than 1 bowl, seven consecutive days of mens weight loss slimming mens weight loss4-5 kg, drink again when need hot water temperature, can't use fire stew, heating can not drink, generally for once a day, such as the heating mode to drink. Hungry must drink soup, hungry drink effect is better. 7 mens thin body weight loss soup should say is a kind of very good mens weight loss slimming mens weight loss a soup.
7 mens thin body weight loss formula vegetables soup: onion circular, green chili hot or spicy, celery, tomatoes, cabbage flat round seasonings: some salt
7 mens thin body weight loss soup: 1, onion peel, water wash clean, cut into Angle. 2, green capsicum water wash and cut into small blocks, and remove the seeds. Note: hot stems to 3, celery water wash, cut into section. 4, tomato, wash with water, cut into small pieces. Wash and cut into five, cabbage triangle small block. Will be more than 5 vegetables into the big pot, water injection in qing dynasty, after rolling, slow boil for about 3 hours, the remaining soup can, Shang Shuike thick but weak, you can use you like the taste of salt modulation, but not into the animal oil.
Note: drink seven days thin body mens weight loss soup, don't drink up quickly, and want to use the spoon slowly drink, this also is the drink for seven days. Cooked soup can eat at any time, but can't put anything else in the soup. If can't go home to have a meal at noon, you can put the soup into vacuum cup carry, consumption shall ensure that no fewer than eight bowls a day.
7 mens thin body weight loss the matters needing attention of soup mens thin body weight loss during the soup, a lot of soup, best to eat only small amounts of food. This method works best, but some people can have time to eat fruit and vegetables, please according to oneself circumstance and decide. Found that eating fruits affect mens weight loss slimming mens weight loss rate, must reduce drug obese, fruit and vegetable such as congenital, in both cases, the first three days should be controlled. Casual drink can affect mens weight loss slimming mens weight loss rate, please according to oneself circumstance self regulation and control.
Above we introduced a mens health weight loss diet, called seven days thin soup, this soup tastes delicious, it's simple to do, but also convenient to carry, especially suitable for office worker, when hungry, drink a bowl of starvation, and mens weight loss, kill two birds with one stone.