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Mens weight loss skip related knowledge

Rope skipping mens weight loss is aerobic exercise can effect the mens weight loss exercise, simple and feasible, and regardless of age, anyone can do it, next, see together jump rope mens weight loss related knowledge, let mens weight loss effect is more outstanding.
The advantages of rope skipping mens weight loss:
1. Simple and feasible. Rope skipping varied, but Jane is numerous, can be done at any time, is quick to learn, is suitable in the low temperature season as fitness movement, and is especially suitable to the female. Lasts from exercise, jump rope for 10 minutes, 20 minutes and jogging 30 minutes or dance fitness dance, is less time-consuming and energy consumption of aerobic exercise.
Exercise 2. A variety of organs. Rope skipping can enhance human cardiovascular, respiratory, and the function of the nervous system. Studies confirm that rope skipping can prevent such as diabetes, arthritis, obesity, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, muscle atrophy, hyperlipidemia, insomnia, depression, menopause syndrome and so on the many kinds of disease of disease. For lactation and menopausal women, jump rope with relaxed mood also with the positive role, and thus beneficial to mental health of women.
In view of the rope skipping on women's unique health care function, fitness experts in France monk specially designed for female fitness is a kind of "skip steps plan". Beginners, in situ jump 1 minute, only 3 days can jump 3 minutes, after 3 months of continuous jump on 10 minutes, after half a year every day can be a "jump" series such as even jump 3 minutes each time, a total of 5 times, until a continuous jump half hour at a time. A jump half an hour, equivalent to 90 minutes of exercise, jogging is the standard aerobic exercise.
While jumping rope is a good way to tone up your body, but accidentally injured easily, so attention should be paid to the following items:
1. Jumpers should wear texture is soft, light weight and high help shoes, avoid an ankle injury.
2. The rope hard and soft, moderate degree. Beginners often appropriate USES hard line, can change soft rope after skilled.
3. Choose soft hard moderate lawn, wooden floor and mud of the site is good, don't in hard concrete floor jump rope, in order to avoid damage the joints, and easy cause dizziness.
4. Skip to relax the muscles and joints, toe and heel need to forcibly coordination, prevent sprain.
5. Appropriate USES feet fat and middle-aged women rise and fall at the same time. At the same time, jump a don't be too high, in order to avoid joint injury due to too much weight.
6. Before you jump rope let foot, leg, wrist, ankle, doing exercises after jumping rope can do some relaxation activities.
The above tell you skip rope mens weight loss related knowledge, keep in mind that skip mens weight loss considerations, lest produce unnecessary injury.