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Mens weight loss exercise pilates

Mens weight loss exercise pilates
, pilates is a very popular in Europe and the us
Mens weight loss, mens weight loss effect is very outstanding, but also exercise the effect of plastic.
Pilates PLATES training method, scientific name "static muscle strengthening", is a set of unique equilibrium body training system, using breathing and movement to cooperate, stressed people breathing affect human movement.
Motor function to improve the human body, used for skin and restore physical therapy, balanced movement effect is significant. The difference between pilates and yoga, is the former is one of the most concise lines dynamic which is static.
The fitness club Yoga and pilates each scene
Yoga, two familiar words, has now become the most popular, large and small fitness club hot projects. Why yoga "combines the pet in one"?
In addition to the mens weight loss model body, yoga and the effect of cultivate one's morality raises a gender, insist for a long time to practice yoga will use a calm calm heart to face what, aeriform in, pressure is reduced, life becomes easy, so under the high pressure life white-collar women like yoga as a way to relax.
However only yoga is unable to satisfy people constantly improve the taste. Version a few months before the sublimation of yoga, pilates has landed in guangzhou, and big in a whirlwind.
Before this, oprah winfrey and spread to the United States early Hollywood, a lot of big stars are flocking to it. Practice pilates, Madonna in his 40 s still in concert all show good shape, Elizabeth hurley with pilates rapidly after giving birth body continue to twist her sometimes...
Pilates is a collection of physical training of yoga, dance and gymnastics. Oriental sports such as yoga or tai chi, focus on breathing and heart concentrated; Westerners focus on muscle strength training. Pilates is a fusion of the two concepts, emphasizing the axis of "body", that is, under the model body reinforcement to achieve.
Talk about the difference between pilates and yoga, the most succinct sentence is the former is dynamic and the latter is static. Do yoga, of course, you also want to raise hand to lift a leg, but the key is to reach a certain position, then use your strength, balance, toughness to maintain a certain position.
And pilates, emphatically that it is the process of do a posture, it doesn't care about you don't reach the perfect position. Pilates mens weight loss effect is absolutely first-class, it is so, it becomes the multitudinous Hollywood stars love baby.
Above and share the mens fitness weight loss of pilates, pilates has not only confined to lose a few jins fat problem, pilates can remade muscles strong and rich line, let a person look strong and handsome stacked.