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Mens weight loss of induction of the face

Mens weight loss of induction of the face
Girls all year round, mens weight loss is the same topic, and even thin body is successful, a lot of girls will find face but cannot reduce, every look in the mirror for her big face. And talked to some of my friends also is such, also can have this aspect of distress, when in fact, except with the medical means to achieve the effect of thin face, a lot of people also should know more about the face mens weight loss of induction.
Facial muscles big face
Many girls will find their wrinkles more and more heavy, the muscles on both sides of the cheek is becoming more and more relaxed. In today's highly competitive, high pressure environment, a lot of people are hurrying to the lack of expression, because the expression can not get enough exercise for a long time that muscular atrophy, cheeks and chin appear slack phenomenon.
Eat more food rich collagen, beef tendon, pig, chicken wings, chicken skin, fish skin and cartilage, contain abundant collagen eggs, they can make the skin more elastic, soft can also inhibit the growth of wrinkles. Food contains vitamins A and C to oxidation. Oranges, carrots, spinach, green peppers, are all the more the better.
In the case of muscles need to adjust facial expression muscle through exercise every day, smile more to talk to more exercise facial muscles, is good for the relaxation of the mood.
Thin face relative to the thin body is much more difficult and more sophisticated, to really do thin face, must is in accordance with their own situation, choose to suit his own way.
Big face facial fat accumulation type
Have so a group of people, they often complain that, as long as it began to get fat, face is the vanguard forces of the body, the body is not fat, has started to accumulation of fat, the face is more trouble began to exercise the body feel slightly heavier. This kind of situation is fat face. If some not sure, still hold cheek skin with the hand, and bite the bullet and hard muscles feel does not change the tension can be set is the result of subcutaneous fat increase. The so-called "fat" refers to the low burning rate because of subcutaneous fat, has also made redundant fat face, as a result of the accumulated fat.
This type of face, want thin face, need for is fat soluble, in general, fat reduction, face will naturally become smaller. In food intake, such as ginger, garlic, pepper, and chili food, which can promote the blood circulation, accelerate the decomposition of fat. On the choice of fruit also need to choose low sugar, like litchi, watermelon and other fruits to eat less as far as possible.
That is at work in the fat, the body mens weight loss can also drive the face mens weight loss, often need to take more exercise, to speed up the fat burning, reduce body fat at the same time, the face is also trying to reduce the fat. Know some thin face mask, their for this type of thin face is also very helpful.