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Mens weight loss the elastic on the stomach

Mens weight loss the elastic on the stomach
Obesity can lead to many diseases, often overweight or obese and have potential health concerns, the doctor will be recommended surgery, the surgery is generally divided into two kinds, liposuction and stomach surgery, for the latter may we know is not much, the following will introduce you to the stomach capacity operation mens weight loss method.
Tell from medical Angle, obesity refers to excess nutrients in the body fat accumulation of complicated chronic diseases. The Chinese weight index weight and height more than 27 is the square of the fat. According to conservative estimates, at present, the domestic obesity has more than 60 million, in some areas, middle-aged overweight rate has exceeded 50%. Obesity has become one of the high incidence of can affect the health of people.
According to the scientific statistics, severely obese, the cardiovascular disease, diabetes, joint diseases, the incidence of malignant tumor is a normal weight several times to dozens times.
Generally overweight or obesity through diet, exercise and medication such as a variety of methods to carry on the control and treatment, but for the heavy, morbid obesity, these methods are hard to obtain satisfactory results. A large number of literature data show that surgery mens weight loss is the only effective way for a long time. Medical treatment effect of severe obesity by about 10%, and surgical treatment for severe or morbid obesity in the near future curative effect of close to 100%, the medium and long term effective satisfaction rate is as high as 85% - 97%. Effective and lasting is a feature of the surgical treatment of obesity.
The principle of gastric capacity surgery mens weight loss:
All mens weight loss surgery are based on two different types of mens weight loss concept: reduce the absorption or limit intake. Starting in the 1950 s, gastrointestinal surgeon from the above two kinds of concept, and created many operation method, after half a century of exploration, a bigger development. Including many kinds of art because of the complex operation, trauma, and can cause severe complications have been phased out. Western countries now widely used three kinds of operation LAGB laparoscopic adjustable bundling with stomach capacity loss, vertical band LVBG laparoscopic gastric capacity loss and LGBP laparoscopic gastric jejunum short circuit are in laparoscopic minimally invasive mens weight loss surgery.
Expert introduction, "SAGB stomach capacity surgery" is a kind of can be done in laparoscopic restrictive mens weight loss surgery. This operation only play a few 0.5 1 cm hole in the abdomen, experts through laparoscopic load in the upper of the stomach with a stomach band called "SAGB", because SAGB can independently by the patient to adjust, and people's image called "elastic" of the stomach, the whole operation process takes about 30 to 40 minutes. Small trauma, less complications, postoperative 3 to 5 days can be discharged from the hospital, the result is right. The surgery has been widely used in European and American countries, after treatment for 3 months on average weight 30 kg.
Of course, as with all operation, also has its indicatio SAGB surgery, not every want to mens weight loss are suitable for this kind of treatment. When your weight is more than 35% of body mass index or has been associated with cardiovascular disease, the symptoms of diabetes, should be immediately to the hospital.
Gastric capacity surgery mens weight loss has certain feasibility, also has certain risk, for home, this kind of surgery is not perfect, in China, the first successful case in Hong Kong, by contrast, sharpen or foreign related technology.